What did I find wrong in Jelly App and what it can learn from Quora?

Just out of habit to try new apps and services while building one, I downloaded Jelly App, the most talked about new app from Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone. What follows is my wish list and assessment of why Jelly may work – well, more chances are that it might fail.

Being a huge Quora fan, the first thing comes to mind is, “Oh, so it’s Visual Quora“! However, one cannot stop to compare it with Aardvark (not sure how many of you remember this application which integrated with Google Chat and popped up with questions from strangers for you to respond, but it was all text). However, as you start exploring Jelly, you find it’s trying to get into the below services.

  • Quora – Q&A, longform discussions
  • Aardvark – Instant answers to my questions
  • HotOrNot – Quick Yes/ No feedback
  • Instagram – Picture sharing but with questions
  • Yelp/ Foursquare – Local information
  • Twitter/ Facebook – Real time, quick,  (Yes, I said it)
  • Netcurate – Curate and share information

# Suggestion 1 : What exactly are you trying to do?

Now, if you mix so many of the above with their core value propositions, it will result into confusion, and that’s what I have been seeing people going through right now, including myself.


# Suggestion 2 : Relevance, Relevance, Relevance

I guess this is my BIGGEST ask or input. Please do not bring data from my extended circles. I connect my Twitter, and see data from my connection’s connection. It started bringing in so many irrelevant questions, that it turned me off. I understand Jelly might be doing this to bring in data, so that as a user I don’t get the impression that Jelly is not a sleepy town but common, it’s not playing the music I am interested in and so for me, the party is over.













The best fix: Please tag these questions and let me subscribe to “tagged” information. I think Quora really hit the nail on it’s head here. I love the way one can follow “people” but also follow “topics”.

A screenshot from Quora shows how every questions can be tagged under Topics, and one can expect to see relevant information in their timeline.


# Suggestion 3 : My gawd, the navigation sux

It’s so complicated. Pull down, Swipe left, and then the icons are not Thumb friendly. And I may not be knowing or interested in answering that one question right away, but then how can I come back later to answer it?

Biz Stone Jelly App Navigation Sucks


# Suggestion 4 : Don’t try to encourage any, every, all types of questions.

Another one of my favorite. One of the best features till date of Twitter is 140 characters. They didn’t give up on that. But if you start exploring Jelly, you will see people asking questions, which might require others to answers to long texts. We have Quora, Blogs and other textual mechanisms around. See the below questions.













However, I feel the below questions are perfect for Jelly and should be more encouraged.

Screenshot_2014-01-10-09-08-38 Screenshot_2014-01-10-09-06-47











So Jelly team, until the above are addressed, I am signing off. You may or may not hear back from me again. Quora still seems to be doing it for me.

Biz Stone Jelly App Has Many Issues

 Looking forward to having a conversation on the above. Feel free to use the comments section below and let me know what you folks think about Jelly app.

2 thoughts on “What did I find wrong in Jelly App and what it can learn from Quora?

  1. Blake Andrew

    Great suggestions from a first hand user. I thought of these 5 reasons why Jelly might not make it and noe I see how some tie in directly with your suggestions. ow.ly/sq4F7


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