What you should not do while Pitching to Investors!

Well, there are tons of advice given on what you should do while pitching to investors. Sure! There are loads of articles available on what not to do. I thought of putting up my learnings as well.

Thanks to Young Startup Ventures and NY VC Summit, I got to learn these things mentioned below. It was a great event and got to talk to several great entrepreneurs, VCs, Angels, Corporate Investors. It was amazing!

# Do not educate VC’s about the “Market”

It’s really stupid to tell a VC that “Mobile” is BBBIIIGGG. Don’t do that. Or saying that SaaS is HOT, or Social is the IN thing. They know it. They may not know what you are doing in this hot market, so that is the reason you are presenting.

Please stay away from Market numbers, graphs. That is actually very offensive.

# Stay away using the word “Revolutionary”

A colleague of mine calls even a minor code bug as “disaster”. Oh common! A disaster is much more. Tsumani, a terrorist attack, bird flu, these are disasters.

So similarly, DO NOT say you have come up with a revolutionary, unbelievable idea. Honestly, no one will believe you :)

I mean there are very few of them which will be revolutionary, so mind your assessment.

 # Do not show a Competitive Analysis slide with everything “checked” for your service/ product

What is the deal with coming up with a feature list, and showing you have got it all, and none of your competitors are doing everything which you do. Don’t bull shit with this analysis. Be serious and honest.

# Dare you say – “No competition”

If you want to use this as a joke, sure go ahead! There is nothing like “No competition”. So if you say No competition, I guess be ready to get the answer – “No investment” :)

# Do not keep talking for first 10 minutes on how awesome you and your team is

Sure, you are genius and you have a unconquerable team. So what? You can cover that up within 1 min (30 seconds really). Move on. I mean even Steve Jobs during his presentations get quickly to business.

Tell everyone what this awesome team has do, and has plans to do.

If you want to blow your trumpet, there are other better areas to do that (like start a blog ;) )

# Do not have sloppy slides

The last thing you can do is have a shitty presentation. If you have put so much effort in finding a team, thinking through an idea, building it, spend sometime on your pitch. Your company deserves it. Atleast the audience deserves it.


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