Ideas around Twitter based applications

Okay, 2008-09 is Twitter year. It’s a whole new world out there with its own language containing words like tweets, @, RT etc. However my guess is Twitter started to capture and share “What are you doing?”, and is thus is becoming a complete Internet Drain. I was following a friend and he is talking about coffee, snow, oatmeal. I mean it might be “cute”, “informative” to some, but definitely not me. Yeah, reminds you of Facebook or other social networks. In the beginning it looks great .. but eventually turns out a chaos.

Here is my wishlist of new applications which can be built on the Micro-blogging framework. Frankly it will be great if these features are available in Twitter itself so that I don’t have to keep track of other apps built on Twitter APIs.

1. Filter Tweets (Fileets)

Well, I want to know what my friend A is doing in the evenings, and should be able to subscribe to only those tweets which are posted in the evening. Don’t want to know what he is having for breakfast, or that he had a heated argument with his boss (who doesn’t!!)

Yeah, alright I am following Obama, but then I am only interested to listen on the TARP or Economic Rescue Plan.

The point is if I am following 100 people and they all post 10 tweets, either I will miss some tweets out of these 1000 or I will go crazy. Well I might even get fired from my work place to be so loyal to Twitter.

2. Pattern Twitter (Pwitter)

Advertisers want to see pattern. Scientist as well. Nature herself has a pattern. Why don’t these social networks see that? If I am following people who talk mostly on Innovation, Ideas, Venture Capital — it should pattern it out and get me useful suggestions to follow other users who contribute on such topics.

3. Answer Twitter (Anster)

Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn Questions, — so many places to ask questions. Why? Can’t we use a Twitter model instead? It would be more productive.

4. Group Twitter (Gwitter)

10 years back Yahoo Groups were so popular. We all use to have groups for close college friends, another group for entire class etc etc. Several of them. It was fun people posting their updates, attachments. This trend got replaced by Facebook, Orkut and likewise networks.

These days I feel even usage of Facebook is an overkill to keep in touch. Isn’t Twitter sufficient enough? But then I want different groups in Twitter.

Well lets say I will create one group as NY Friends, another one as College Friends. Start adding people in these groups so that they can read and write on these groups.

5. News Twitter (Nwitter)

I am thinking of working on this idea, and is in it’s very early stage. So instead of writing what it is about I might be able to show it to you. Till then please keep thinking and tweeting :)

One thought on “Ideas around Twitter based applications

  1. Robert

    Forget lipstick on a pig, we should be using Twitter to dress up that old sow.

    All of these are hackneyed ideas that have either failed before or were capable before with “old school” blogs, IM, SMS, etc. Nothing about Twitter adds magic pixie dust here that suddenly makes a weak idea impossibly compelling.

    If you’ve read the Black Swan, you’ll recognize the pattern: it’s as if everyone is expectantly planning for the next great business or app to come out of Twitter, when there’s much more reason to believe it will come from someplace else entirely.


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